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NBCU Boasts Advertising On Lifestyle Nets A Good Deal

At a time when networks are looking to buttress the value of advertising with data, NBCUniversal seems to have come up with some unbelievable numbers.

NBCU claims that across the retail category a buck spent on networks in its lifestyle group—Bravo, Oxygen, E!—returned $15 in consumer spending.

The return on advertising spending data is based on the Nielsen Buyer Insights database for first-quarter 2014 television viewership of retailer commercials linked to spending at retail stores, NBCU said.

NBCU says the $15 return was as much as 90% higher than competitive network groups. Viewers of NBCU Lifestyle networks also showed two times more incremental spending after seeing the ads than viewers of other network groups.

“The NBCUniversal Lifestyle Networks stand alone in delivering an audience that is not only affluent and spends more but is highly influenced by advertising, and this study proves the Lifestyle brands deliver strong return for retailers in particular,” Laura Molen, executive VP, Lifestyle Advertising Sales, NBCUniversal, said in a statement. “By connecting the Lifestyle audiences to our advertising partners, we deliver consumers who take action and drive the bottom line for brands.”