NBC’s Today Following Students… for 13 Years

NBC News’ Today announced a 13-year project, “The Class of 2020.”

The series will follow students through the American educational system, from kindergarten through their high-school graduations. According to NBC, the series “will look at the kids, the educators and their families' lives from several angles -- witnessing important teaching moments as they happen in the classroom, watching students overcome difficult obstacles to succeed in school and seeing how parents get involved to incorporate their children's homework and lessons into their daily routines at home.”

The participating school is in the San Fernando Valley area of the Los Angeles Unified School District and, according to NBC, it has a diverse, multicultural student body.

"Many families are facing similar situations in their own homes, so this unprecedented series will offer our viewers a window into today's public-school system and what educators and families are investing in their kids’ education," said Jim Bell, executive producer of Today. "By the committing to this series, we are creating an extraordinary relationship between these children and our viewers as they watch them grow over the next 13 years."

The first installment of The Class of 2020 will air Sept. 14 on Today. Natalie Morales will report.