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NBC's 'Sunday Night Football' Hikes Highest-Priced Spots

When it comes to TV ad dollars, it is better to be a
football hero than an American Idol.

With ratings down for the formidable but aging singing competition
and the NFL showing more muscle than ever, commercials NBC's Sunday Night Football emerged as the
most expensive during this past upfront, according to a new report from Advertising Age.

Spots in SNF, the
top rated primetime program last season, went for about $545,142 for 30
seconds, up from $512,367 last season. Commercials in Fox's Idol dropped 32% to $502,900 to
$340,825, but remained in second place.

In third place was ABC's award-winning Modern Family. Spots on the Wednesday night comedy cost $330,908 in
the upfront, up from $249,388.

Seven of the 10 most expensive shows to advertise in are
comedies, according to the trade magazine.