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NBC Universal Eyes Green With "Healthy Week"

On June 20, NBC Universal will kick off its inaugural
Healthy Week, a cross-platform initiative designed to build business by
connecting marketers, consumers and employees to content featuring heath and
wellness themes.

Healthy Week, which follows similar NBCU campaigns focused on the environment and women's lifestyle, is expected to generate ad revenues of
between $10 million and $15 million.

Beginning with the U.S. Open golf tournament, NBC Universal
divisions including primetime, cable and news will program some content with a
health message. The company is also launching a new portal,, with links to digital
content, as well as a new Facebook page and Twitter feed.

General Mills has signed up as lead sponsor for Healthy
Week. Several of General Mills brands--Honey Nut Cheerios, Yoplait, Cheerios,
Total and Nature Valley--will be featured in a marketing program running across
eight NBCU platforms. Included are custom vignettes on Oxygen and Bravo, as
well as sponsorship of heath series on NBC News and CNBC.

Other sponsors include Campbell's
Soups, Johnson & Johnson's sweetener Splenda and NBCU parent company
General Electric.

Healthy Week follows in the cross-platform footsteps of
NBCU's Green Is Universal and Women@NBCU initiatives.

"What separates NBCU's cross-platform sales and marketing
initiative is that we do have committed resources and committed leadership,"
said Lauren Zalaznick, president of NBCU Universal Women & Lifestyle
Entertainment networks, who oversees Green Is Universal and Women@NBCU as well as Healthy At NBCU.

By combining research and insights, dedicated sales leaders
are able to "bring in the most partnership dollars to each of these

Zalaznick said that ad spending on Healthy Week is
incremental and high-value, meaning that NBCU is able to charge a premium

The premium price has been justified by research following
Green Week, which, according to Zalaznick, showed that the great environment,
custom content and focused promotion resulted in higher perceived consumer
value. She pointed to findings that three of five Green Week viewers emerged
with an improved perception of sponsor Wal-Mart.

She added that General Mills has already been involved with
women@NBCU cross-platform programs and realized strong returns.

"It's healthy for the bottom line.
It resonates with clients," says John Kelly, senior VP for NBC News sales and
marketing, who leads the sales efforts for healthy@NBC.

Kelly says that he expects
awareness to build once the campaign is on-air--along with healthy interest
from marketers across a wide spectrum of categories.

"Health has the potential to be a
52-week program," Kelly said, adding that NBC News produces a load of content around
health on almost a daily basis.

He added that there is discussion
of another Healthy Week next year, most likely in January, when New Year's
resolutions typically bring renewed commitment to personal health.

During this first Healthy Week, talent from NBCU programming
will participate with health-themed content and tips.

NBCU is also organizing healthy activities for its
employees, including blood pressure and cholesterol screenings, fitness walks
and yoga classes. On June 19, the company is working with the New York City
Department of Parks & Recreation and Backpacker
magazine to create a day of outdoor fitness activities.

As for her own health habits, Zalaznick said her kids are a
bit older now, allowing her to enjoy a gym regimen. She and her family have
also been focused on eating healthier foods, she said.

Here is NBC's list of some of the highlights of Healthy

NBC Sports
Healthy Week kicks off during NBC's coverage of the U.S. Open PGA
Tour on June 20, which will take a look at the players'
mobile workout facilities and services. 

NBC News
Throughout the week, the NBC News division will feature "Be Well, Be
Healthy," a cross-network series of news reports focusing on obesity, fitness,
food and nutrition labeling. In addition to health segments on Today and Nightly News with Brian Williams, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, Joy Bauer,
Dave Zinczenko, Tom Costello, Lisa Myers, Kevin Tibbles, Natalie Morales, Mary
Gamarra, José DÃaz-Balart and Carmen Dominicci are some of the correspondents
who will report on health and nutrition for NBC News platforms.

CNBC will re-air their special One
Nation, Overweight
, which examines the medical, business,
scientific, and cultural trends that are contributing to the obesity epidemic
in America. In addition, "Healthy Investing" segments will run on Business Day throughout week.
On June 26th, Suze Orman will address
the interconnectedness of health and wealth, while Fast Money will examine the business side of the food and exercise

MSNBC will tackle the politics of food with reports on the rewiring of health
insurance policies with health in mind; school lunch program renovations;
restrictions in food advertising; recent requirements of restaurants displaying
caloric information; and a look into the USDA and what they actually monitor. will be the online hub of all NBC News videos, as well as feature
healthy tips for families.

NBC Primetime
Losing It With Jillian will feature
health and wellness expert Jillian Michaels as she helps a family of four
get into shape. The family partakes in a step competition,
roller-skating-and throw out a deep fryer that is one of the culprits
of their weight gain.   

The More You Know
The current season of NBCU's award-winning "The More You Know" public
service campaign spotlights various topics across the health and wellness spectrum
such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke awareness and nutrition. The
multiplatform campaign also debuted an anti-childhood obesity PSA featuring
First Lady Michelle Obama. 

A special healthy episode of Top
will challenge contestants to create a nutritious meal for middle-school
students using the actual school meal budget of $2.68 per child. Special guest
judge Sam Kass, Assistant White House Chef and coordinator of the
First Lady's childhood anti-obesity initiative, will help choose the winner.
Health-related episodes of other Bravo favorites, including Workout, will also air throughout the

A new episode of Dance Your A** Off challenges contestants to
create a routine that shows off their personalities. But they won't
have to do it alone -- this week they also meet their professional dance
partners for the first time.


Royal Pains, about
a doctor ministering to the privileged residents of New York summer haven the
Hamptons, will feature a new episode that follows Dr. Hank Lawson on a trip out
of the country for some gene therapy research.

The Weather Channel
Wake Up With Al! will focus on
Al Roker's favorite healthy meals, go-to snacks and smart restaurant
dining options. Vignettes with meteorologists Jim Cantore, Mike Bettes,
Stepanie Abrams and Dr. Steve Lyons will provide insight on
their favorite healthy foods and physical activities. Plus, TWC Health
Correspondent Dr. Anna Marie will highlight how the weather can affect your
fitness routine in a "Weather & Your Health" segment.

Shuffle host Pico will discuss
his personal struggle with weight loss and encourage the audience throughout
the week to "stand up" for its health.

Throughout the week, Telemundo news and entertainment programs will feature
numerous segments on better nutrition for Hispanics, including
calculating calories, shopping healthier at the supermarket, cooking with
healthier ingredients, and managing a sensible diet
for children.

iVillage kicks off its "Get Healthy Now" Community Health Challenge on June
21st, aimed at helping women and their families lead healthier lives.

NBC Local Stations
NBC local news stations will air daily segments on healthy living called
"Be Active, Live Healthy." Plus, LX New York will feature
healthy lifestyle segments throughout the week.

NBCU Television
Access Hollywood will launch a
new segment, "Healthy Hollywood," both on-air and on its Website. Throughout
the week, "How Hollywood Gets Fit" will examine the various ways celebrities
stay healthy both inside and out.

NBC Digital Networks,
a vibrant health and wellness destination for boomers who are living well and
going strong, launches on June 21st as part of the new boomer-focused Web
property "Life Goes Strong" from NBC Digital Networks and Procter
& Gamble Productions.