NBC Staff Survive Everest Avalanche, Respond to Disaster

Seven staff members from NBC News Peacock Productions were on Mount Everest during Thursday’s avalanche, which became the deadliest disaster ever recorded on the mountain after 13 Nepalese Sherpa guides from various expedition companies were killed.

The NBC employees, all of whom are accounted for and unharmed, were on the mountain prepping for the Discovery Channel’s Everest Jump Live event the network planned to broadcast live from Everest base camp. The NBC-produced series was scheduled to begin on May 5, with nightly live broadcasts leading up to climber Joby Ogwyn’s televised jump on May 11.

Discovery recently issued the following statement regarding the recent disaster: “The avalanche last night on Mt. Everest is a terrible tragedy, and our thoughts and prayers are with those who are lost and with their families. The immediate priority for Joby and the team is to assist the search and rescue efforts in any way possible.”

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