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NBC Sports Unit Launches Youth-Sports Directory Business

SportsEngine, acquired by NBC Sports Group last year, is launching a youth sports directory that will enable parents to search and compare sports programs in their area.

The directory also helps organizations—ranging from YMCAs and Boys and Girls Clubs of America to USA Hockey—recruit young players for their programs.

“For parents, finding a quality, trustworthy program for their kids from among thousands of choices available is a daunting task,” said Justin Kaufenberg, SportsEngine CEO. “The youth directory provides parents with a curated list of conveniently-located options based on their child’s age, interest, and location.”

Kaufenberg said that the company’s goal is to grow participation in sports, which helps build healthy communities.

“Helping grow the game of hockey at the grassroots level is incredibly important to us,” said Cam Eickmeyer, director of internet and content development, USA Hockey. “Every year, USA Hockey sponsors several ‘Try Hockey’ events. This year, we are excited to include our events in November and March in the directory. We think this will provide another easy way for parents to find out about our events and register with their local club for ‘Try Hockey Day.’”