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NBC News' Williams: Ratings Race Won't Affect Work

NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams anchor Williams told reporters Friday that the upcoming high-profile ratings race with CBS’s Katie Couric and ABC’s Charles Gibson won't affect the way he does his job.

"My work, I hope, and the work of NBC Nightly News is what speaks for itself everyday, and I have to believe that, given where we are, people know where we are and what they will get from us," Williams said. "We are the constant."

NBC News President Steve Capus did admit that the network will definitely be ramping up promotions around the race this fall.

"I can’t sit here and deny that we fuel the hype machines," he said.

Capus also predictably tried to downplay the hype surrounding the cable news network ratings race, which sees MSNBC trailing CNN and Fox News.

"These cable news wars between Fox, CNN and MSNBC in my mind are silly," he said. "The fact is, MSNBC is such a part of this news division, and to me that is the bigger story of MSNBC than that type of hype and ratings silliness."