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NBC News Admits Error in Edited 911 Call in Trayvon MartinCase

NBC News has completed its internal investigation into the editing
of a 911 call in the Trayvon Martin case that appeared in a story from Ron
Allen on Today.

"During our investigation it became evident that there was
an error made in the production process that we deeply regret," NBC News said
in a statement. "We will be taking the necessary steps to prevent this from
happening in the future and apologize to our viewers."

The selective editing of the 911 call in the story gave the
impression that George Zimmerman had racially profiled Martin on the night he
killed the Florida teen, making it sound like he said Martin looked suspicious
of him because he was black. The full audio of the call that was made available
shows that Zimmerman did not mention Martin's race until asked by the 911 operator.