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NatGeo Buys VOD AdTracker FromRentrak

National Geographic Channel
has signed on as the first client for Rentrak Corp.'s new AdEssentials service,
which tracks and reports video-on-demand advertising performance.

AdEssentials is a companion
product to Retrak's OnDemand Essentials service, which launched in 2005 and
provides clients with data about on-demand content use and consumer behavior.

Retrak calls AdEssentials
the first system to offer third party reporting and verification of advertising
impressions delivered on the video on-demand platform. Its features include
actionable performance insight in near real-time, timely post-campaign
reporting to meet advertiser obligations and tracking of both embedded and
dynamic VOD ad insertion.

"VOD continues to be an
important part of our affiliate and advertiser partnerships and AdEssentials
provides us even greater insight into how our viewers are interacting with our
brand on VOD," said Brad Dancer, senior VP, research and digital media at
National Geographic Channel, in a statement.