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Nat Geo Reteams With Scott, O'Reilly for 'Killing Kennedy'

National Geographic Channel will again partner with Scott
Free Productions and Fox News host Bill O'Reilly on Killing Kennedy, a
film based on O'Reilly's best-selling novel, Killing Kennedy: The End of
, which he co-wrote with Martin Dugard.

Next month, Nat Geo will premiere Killing Lincoln,
based on O'Reilly and Dugard's Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination
That Changed America Forever
. Scott Free Productions is producing that
telefilm as well. Killing Kennedy will recount the events that led up to
the assassination of President Kennedy, and how it propelled the nation into
the Vietnam War and ignited a cultural shift.

Scott Free Productions is the production vehicle from
acclaimed film director Ridley Scott, who has also signedon to direct the pilot for Showtime's Vatican.

"With the tremendous success of SEAL Team Six,
our first feature film, and the growing excitement over this February's
premiere ofKilling Lincoln, producing Bill O'Reilly's follow-up
was a no-brainer and will be yet another story that will resonate with our
audience," said Howard T. Owens, president, National Geographic
Channel.  "As Scott Free Productions continue to be perfect
partners -- taking risks and breaking new ground in storytelling -- we are
claiming a stake in producing factual dramas, delivering entertainment with

The special will premiere globally in 171 countries and 38