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Nat Geo Plans 'Killing Jesus' TV Movie

Following the February telecast of Killing Lincoln
and the upcoming Killing Kennedy, National Geographic Channel will again
partner with Scott Free Productions for a film version of Killing Jesus: A
, the forthcoming book by Bill O'Reilly.

Killing Jesus will be published on Sept. 24, 2013,
and tells the story of Jesus' killing by Roman soldiers and the historical
events that made his death inevitable. Production on the TV adaptation will
begin this fall with a global premiere in 2014.

When Nat Geo aired Killing Lincoln last February, it
became the network's most-watched telecast ever, drawing3.4 million viewers to its premiere.

Killing Jesus joins other recent religious-focused
programming including the History miniseries The Bible, which drewmore than 13 million viewers to its debut, and ReelzChannel's Barabbas,
which premieres on Monday.