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Nat Geo Movie ‘Saints & Strangers’ Tells Thanksgiving Story

National Geographic Channel “goes deep inside the familiar historical account of Thanksgiving,” according to its press materials, with the two-night movie event Saints & Strangers, airing Nov. 22-23. Produced by Sony Pictures Television with Little Engine Productions, the event reveals “the trials and tribulations of the first settlers at Plymouth and their complex relationship with the Native Americans,” according to Nat Geo.

Nat Geo defines saints as the religious separatists on the voyage to a new land. The strangers, meanwhile, were motivated by a sense of adventure.  

“Growing up, we learn about the Mayflower and the colonization of America, but we never learn the whole story. The real story is an incredible survival story. Saints & Strangers is the opportunity to tell the world about our country,” said Executive Producer Gina Matthews.

“The Native Americans are determined to maintain their way of life just as much as the pilgrims are determined to start theirs anew. This is one of those stories where once both groups start down a path, history is changed forever,” added Executive Producer Grant Scharbo. 

The cast includes Vincent Kartheiser (Mad Men) as “saints” leader William Bradford; Anna Camp (Pitch Perfect) as his wife Dorothy Bradford; Ron Livingston, Natascha McElhone and others.

Teri Weinberg is an executive producer, Eric Overmyer is executive producer/writer and Seth Fisher is executive producer/writer.