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Nat Geo Gets Ready for 'Preppers' Return

To get ready for the return of its highest rated series, Doomsday Preppers, on Tuesday, National
Geographic Channel has stockpiled a huge cache of sponsorship and marketing
activity to ensure it more than survives its second season.

Nat Geo has lined up Little Caesars, Wise Food Storage and
Samuel Adams as lead sponsors for this season of Preppers. All sponsors will get custom vignettes, billboards and
participation in tune-in spots.

In addition, Wise Food Storage, which is calling itself the
exclusive emergency food sponsor of Preppers,
will be promoting the show with mailings to Wise customers and co-branded
promotion at retail outlets and trade shows. Wise, whose food products have up
to a 25-year shelf life, and Nat Geo will also be working together on radio
promotion, social media, food truck products and press kits.

To promote the series, Nat Geo says it has mounted its
largest multiplatform market campaign ever for a returning series.

Among the end of the world-beating efforts are sweepstakes
for people who "like" the Preppers'
Facebook page. The grand prize is an ultimate "Prep-over" from survival
consultant Practical Preppers and $5,000. The second prize is a year's supply
of food for one from Wise Food.

There is an interactive preparedness survey with questions
about food, water and shelter. Players can share their scores on Facebook.

In addition to video profiles of the Preppers and show updates, Nat Geo's site will offer resources
including articles, how-to videos, checklists and tips.

On a lighter note, Nat Geo has also put together a line of Doomsday Preppers Someecards, with
amusing thoughts including "Your doomsday preparations seem a lot less crazy
now that Snooki is a mother and best-selling author" and "All I ask from the people
who survive doomsday is that they rebuild society without Facebook, Pinterest
and Twitter."

That activity comes on top of paid media including national
cable, satellite and extra spots in the New York market. Placements included
NFL Network's Thursday Night Football,
AMC's The Walking Dead, a 48-hour
roadblock on ESPN and WWE pay-per-view events.

Print media buys included ESPN the Magazine, Rolling
, Mad, Oprah Entertainment and US.

Online busy include a topic page on Yahoo, takeovers on
Yahoo and Twitter and video distribution on Tremor, Break Media, Yume and Giant

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Nat Geo has also distributed
public service announcements with the message that "you don't have to be a Doomsday Prepper to be prepared."

Nat Geo also formed a partnership with WWE, featuring giveaways
of Prepper episodes from Season One
at WWE venues. Prepper fans can win a
VIP PPV package by sharing the wrestling memorabilia they could leave behind --
even in the event of the unthinkable happening.