Nancy Tellem Eyeing New Role at CBS

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Nancy Tellem is thinking about the future, both her future at the Eye and the future of television programming and distribution.

Tellem, prexy of CBS Television Studios Entertainment Group, is mulling a shift to a different exec role, one that would be less about day-to-day management and more on the big strategic picture for TV shows and other content.

Tellem oversees the CBS network and its sibling TV studio. She's been discussing the possibility of making a change with CBS Corp. boss Leslie Moonves. Eye insiders stressed that no decision has been made yet and that the decision is entirely Tellem's to make.

Moonves is likely to give Tellem plenty of leeway to write her own ticket. Tellem has been Moonves' right-hand lieutenant for nearly 25 years, since the two first worked together at Lorimar TV in the mid-1980s. She's respected in the biz as a no-nonsense dealmaker who has been central to the Eye's success under Moonves.

Tellem has been actively engaged in the past few years in sorting through the myriad new media and international licensing options for Eye-created programming. She's known as the Eye's inhouse expert on the business side of digital media, so it would not be a surprise if she segued to a role focusing specifically on this evolving realm rather than the traditional TV and series production biz.

CBS declined to comment.

The story was first reported on Deadline Hollywood Daily.

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