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Nancy Snyderman Exits NBC News

Nancy Snyderman, chief medical editor at NBC News, is leaving the network and will take a position at a medical school, she announced Thursday.

“Throughout her career with NBC News, Dr. Nancy Snyderman has provided her expertise on countless health and medical topics that are vitally important to our audience,” said an NBC News spokesperson. “She’s been a valuable voice both on air and in our newsroom, and we wish her all the best.”

Snyderman joined NBC News as chief medical editor in 2006. Before that she served as VP of consumer education for Johnson & Johnson and served as a medical correspondent for ABC News for 17 years.

Snyderman acknowledged becoming part of the story in her statement when she violated quarantine after being exposed to Ebola.

Below is her full statement:

“I stepped out of the OR a few years ago and it is now time for me to return to my roots, so I am stepping down from my position as Chief Medical Editor at NBC News. Covering the Ebola epidemic last fall in Liberia, and then becoming part of the story upon my return to the U.S., contributed to my decision that now is the time to return to academic medicine. I will be shortly taking up a faculty position at a major U.S. medical school.  More needs to be done to communicate medicine and science to our viewers and citizens, especially in times of crisis, and with my experiences in the field and on air, that is going to be a priority for me.

“I have loved my nine years at NBC and I am proud of the work my team has done. Very few people get the chance to combine two professions and I have appreciated the chance to inform the public about medical updates and the plight of so many in other countries. Every moment has been an honor.”