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MTV Sets TV Movie Slate

MTV is developing a slate of made-for-TV movies, designed to complement the networks unscripted and scripted programming lineup.

Some of the movies are a riff on existing programs, while others are set in worlds that tie into specific MTV shows.

The movies will likely be slated on the network’s Friday evening film slot, though it is exploring pairing them with other programming, or even using them as a means to launch into new genres. MTV expects to launch one new feature every quarter.

One of the projects, My Super Psycho Sweet Sixteen, is a horror film, something currently lacking on MTV’s programming slate.

“We are looking at projects that capitalize on concepts or genres popular with our audience,” says Chris Linn, senior VP of production and series development at MTV, who added that the network hopes to have “more synergy” between genres, scripted, unscripted and features.

The movies announcement comes as the network looks to boost its scripted programming. It has already greenlit comedy Hard Times and a remake of the U.K. hit Skins, with more scripted comedies and dramas expected to move forward in the coming months.

The last time the network made this large a push for made-for-TV movies was in 1999. Unlike the current effort, those movies were all musically themed, and not necessarily tied into MTV programming.

Beyond the three projects the network has announced, it has six others in various stages of development, with more in the pipeline. The network is looking at developing features based around important events in the lives of its 12-34 demographic, such as prom, summer and the holidays.

MTV is also eyeing the features as a way to develop talent that could eventually migrate to other MTV programming.

“This is giving us an opportunity to work with a whole new pool of people,” Linn says. “We are cautiously optimistic that we will be able to break some talent.”

The three projects announced by MTV are:

My Super Psycho Sweet Sixteen, which is set at a sweet 16 party at a rollerdome that had been plagued by murders. The name is derivative of the long running MTV docu-series My Super Sweet 16, which chronicles sweet 16 parties of children of the rich and famous. The movie will premiere on MTV in October following a theatrical run.

Turn The Beat Around, which is set in the competitive L.A. dance scene. The movie follows a struggling young dancer who convinces a club owner to open a disco that features disco hits remixed with modern music and dance. The movie would fit well with Randy Jackson Presents: America’s Best Dance Crew, which is an American Idol-style competition for dance groups, and one of the network’s top hits.

Made, based on the now 7+ year old docu-series of the same name, the Made movie will be a scripted comedy in the vein of Clueless and Bring It On, and is about a cheerleader helping a band nerd make the squad. It is still in development.