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MRC Accredits comScore’s In-App Invalid Traffic Detection

comScore said that the company had achieved accreditation from the Media Rating Council for its Sophisticated Invalid Traffic detection and filtration system for mobile in app traffic.

comScore said the approval makes it the first measurement company to have MRC accredited systems for protecting video campaigns across desktop, mobile web and in-app digital platforms.

Protecting against invalid and fraudulent traffic is a big priority for advertisers.

“We are pleased to receive MRC accreditation for our sophisticated IVT detection in the mobile in-app environment, which completes our accreditation for this capability across all desktop and mobile digital touchpoints,” said Josh Chasin, chief research officer at comScore. “Our clients can now be assured that their ad campaigns running across any digital media channel has met the highest standard of approval for detection and removal of SIVT. This means greater transparency, accountability, and confidence that digital ad dollars are being well spent.”

Previously comScore had been granted accreditation for its SIVT accreditation for vCE and the desktop-based Media Metrix services, which made the company the first measurement provider to gain accreditation for SIVT practices for both content and campaign measurement.

“We congratulate comScore for earning this extension of its accreditation for its Sophisticated Invalid Traffic processes to mobile app traffic,” said George Ivie, executive director and CEO of the MRC. “It demonstrates comScore’s commitment to keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital environment in this highly critical area.”