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MoveOn Buys D.C. Ad Slamming Net Rule Draft

MoveOn took out what it said was a five-figure ad buy in the D.C. market to run a TV ad urging the FCC to "heed the President's call for an open Internet."

MoveOn's PAC took out the ad in advance of the May 15 meeting where a vote is scheduled on a draft of new network neutrality rules.

Victoria Kaplan, lead campaign director of the PAC said the revamped rules could "destroy the Internet as we know it."

Wheeler continued to get pushback on a draft of his remake of the rules, even as he reportedly is trying to make it clearer in those rules that he is not creating bifurcated fast and slow lanes and is seriously considering Title II as an option. Both were part of his original description of his effort to recreate the Open Internet order whose no-blocking and no unreasonable discrimination provisions were remanded by a federal court.

MoveOn said more than 10,000 members had submitted comments to the FCC demanding net neutrality.