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MiQ Extends Deal For TV Viewing Data From Inscape

MiQ said it extended its deal to use smart TV viewing data from Vizio’s Inscape unit, which it uses to retarget second-screen ads and buy campaign’s programmatically.

"With this integration, MiQ's clients will be able to improve the performance of their television buys significantly," said Tom Richards, global product director, media and data for MiQ. "In early tests, we've seen real-time, second-screen exposures drive up to 42% in improved KPIs, maximizing marketing and media investments by delivering great results that truly impact the bottom line."

By matching viewing data from 12 million smart TV against a data-based of ads, marketers can reach consumers with addressable ads on second-screen devices within seconds of viewing a TV commercial.

MiQ also will use the Inscape data for its programmatic and planning capabilities. The TV data provides insights into audiece viewing and engagement enabling targeting of consumers across digital channels, content and advertising, the companies said.

"MiQ recognizes that using the immediacy of Inscape’s TV viewing data for near real time retargeting provides their clients with significant performance advantages at scale,” said Ken Norcross, director of business development for Inscape. “We look forward to this partnership and exploring more unique market opportunities to utilize TV viewing data that will drive additional value for their customers.”