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Meetings on Advanced Ads Added to NAB Show

The National Association of Broadcasters and the Global Audience Based Buying Conference & Consultancy (GABBCON) say they will add a conference on technological innovations in advertising to next year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas.

The NAB Audience Based Buying Conference aims to bring together the sellers represented by the NAB with the buyers and agencies who work with GABBCON to discuss and familiarize themselves with addressable advertising, automation, programmatic buying and other new forms of TV, radio and digital advertising revenue creation.

Technology has disrupted the ad business, with dollars moving where advertisers believe they can better target their messages and measure results. That’s contributed to the faster growth of digital advertising, although with questions about viewer fraud, robot traffic and viewability raising questions about the effectiveness of digital, some marketers are moving money back to TV.

TV has been incorporating more data and analytics into its advertising sales process, and technology is starting to enable broadcasters and cable operators to deliver ads on a more targeted basis.

“NAB Show has become the gathering place for the media and entertainment community to include more and more for marketers as well. Together with NAB Show, we will create an event like no other that allows the industry to see, interact with and implement the newest media innovations for video and audio at a time when the market is going through major disruption. Why get disrupted when you can be a disrupter,” said Gabe Greenberg, CEO and cofounder GABBCON Inc.

The NAB Show is scheduled for April 22-27.

“Monetizing content is a central concern for many of the 100,000-plus NAB Show attendees, across traditional TV and emerging digital platforms,” said Chris Brown, executive VP of conventions and business operations, NAB. “The partnership with GABBCON provides our members and delegates an opportunity to engage directly with the ad buying community at an executive level. We’re excited to bring together agencies and brands with the 1,800-plus leading technology providers exhibiting at NAB Show.”

The new conference will be a day and a half long. It will feature an innovation lab designed to offer marketers, agencies and broadcasters a hands-on look at how ad tech works.

"The video and audio landscape is rapidly changing and with this change comes a need for our teams and clients to stay abreast of the latest innovations. This newly formed partnership between GABBCON and NAB Show presents an opportunity to be at the center of the innovation while also providing a catalyst for our clients, media strategists, marketing scientists and content and innovation teams to create a new dialogue between ‘buyers’ and ‘sellers’ within an automated and data-led relationship,“ said Mainardo De Nardis, Global CEO, OMD Worldwide.

After the conference in Las Vegas, GABBCON and NAB Show plan events during 2017, continuing the process of educating and connecting the audience and video ad marketplace.

In addition to staging the conference, GABBCON helps create technical standards for audience-based buying for video and audio advertising.