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‘Meet the Press' to Unveil New Set

NBC's Meet the Press with David Gregory will unveil a new set on May 2 to coincide with the show's long-planned launch in HD.

Perhaps the biggest change will be the wall behind the show's guests that has multiple rows of the MTP logo and makes video of MTP interviews that air elsewhere immediately recognizable. The new set will turn that static wall into a video wall, says MTP executive producer Betsy Fischer.

The video wall can accommodate news footage, B-roll, graphics and the logo, of course.
"Our logo will look a little different," said Fischer. "I'm still tweaking it. It will basically look the same just freshened up a bit."

The new set will also have different stations customizable to one-on-one interviews, the occasional bigger roundtable and even a station where Gregory can stand.

The refurbishment is a necessity of the HD conversion which picks up every defect -- on people and sets. The current set dates back to 1996.

"It's an exciting time to be debuting a new Meet the Press set as we head into another important political year," said Gregory in a statement. "The new look reflects the ways in which the program is evolving while staying true to the core mission and traditions of the show."