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Mediabrands, Innovid to Develop OTT Experiences

IPG’s Mediabrands media buying unit is working with Innovid to develop new products to manage over-the-top advanced video delivery and enhance the viewers’ experience.

The object is to enable Mediabrands clients to reach audiences at scale across multiple devices being used in living rooms. They will do that with optimized user interfaces and TV-to-mobile integrations to increase engagement. Technological innovations around the viewer will allow marketers to connect with audiences one-to-one and further transform digital video advertising.

The partnership also aims to create unified analytics to measure and improve connected TV video ad campaigns.

“As audiences become more segmented across so many different devices, brands are thinking about ways to amplify messaging for greater reach and optimal engagement,” said Chad Stoller, executive VP of global innovation at IPG Mediabrands. “Our collaboration with Innovid allows us to offer our clients unprecedented, cross-platform reach and a whole new way of thinking about video that values the viewer—rather than the consumer—as the most significant part of the equation, and we believe this shift will drive meaningful engagement.”

One of the new products Innovid has created enables viewers to input a mobile phone number into a remote control to receive extra material from the connected TV set. The extra material could be a coupon or a website address.

Some of IPG’s clients are also clients of Innovid’s marketing platform.

“As television shifts to digital, viewers consuming video content on other devices should get the same seamless experience that they’ve come to know and love from television. At the same time, marketers need better solutions to reach viewers across screens and extract measurements while fostering true viewer engagement,” said Tal Chalozin, cofounder and CTO at Innovid. “We’re excited to embark on this journey with IPG Mediabrands to focus more than ever before on the end viewer and continue to help every brand ‘build once and deliver everywhere.’”