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NYC TV Week: Media Can't Ignore Hispanic Population, Says Fox News' Juan Williams

New York -- The American media can't ignore the Hispanic population, Fox News political analyst Juan Williams said Wednesday during NYC Television Week's Hispanic TV event.

"You don't have to see them as a subset. They are becoming part of the general audience," said Williams, who is co-host of Fox News's The Five, citing the growth in the Hispanic population and the fact that the Latino community is the largest minority in the country. 

"You have to appeal to them in terms of their experience and in terms of their family and ethnic origins because you have to speak to people where they are," he added. "But you no longer can see them as somehow a secondary market."

Williams spoke during the Hispanic TV event's opening keynote, where he was interviewed by Joe Schramm, managing partner & president, Schramm Marketing Group.

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The political analyst fielded questions about whether there is a 2020 candidate Hispanic voters can identify with and what needs to be done to get the Hispanic vote.

Right now, he said, there is not one candidate who stands out. But even so the U.S. Hispanic population is not homogenous. The population comes from different countries and live in different states.

"You can't take the Latino vote for granted," he said. "Candidates need to go into the communities."

It's also important to understand why members of the population vote the way they do, he said. 

"Why aren't they voting more in line, let's say, with black voters?" Williams said. "Given the way that Trump talks about immigrants, what is the attraction there? You have to start talking about values."