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Media Buyer Horizon Adopts Nielsen Digital Content Ratings

Horizon Media is adding Nielsen’s Digital Content Ratings to Cadence, the media buyer’s proprietary media planning and campaign activation tool.

The move means that Horizon is more firmly adopting Nielsen’s Total Audience approach to measuring viewership of TV and video programming.

Horizon already employs Nielsen’s National Ratings services and its Digital Ad ratings through Nielsen’s Total Media Fusion.

“Having access to new and better data as the industry evolves allows our teams to make media investments more effectively and deliver more value to our clients,” said John Marson, VP, associate managing director, Horizon Media. “Digital Content Ratings data will provide us with much greater clarity around a consumer’s multi-screen usage, program and environment relevance and audience duplication.”

Over the past few years, Nielsen has bee building out its Total Audience response in response to demands that measurement hasn’t kept up with consumer behavior, which means some viewing on digital devices isn’t being counted.

“As audiences continue to increase and evolve their engagement with digital content, understanding their behavior has never been more pivotal to forming brand connections and monetizing content," said Ravi Rai, VP of product leadership at Nielsen. "We’re excited to see Horizon adopting Digital Content Ratings as part of their solutions for advertisers and using it to help inform and optimize media strategy.”