McEnroe's Talk Show Canceled

NEW YORK (AP) - John McEnroe's talk show was axed Friday by CNBC after barely six months on the air. McEnroe may have had more people watch his tennis matches - in person - than watched his talk show some nights.

The show was averaging 75,000 viewers a night, less than half of the viewership for business programming in the time slot before "McEnroe" went on the air. On some nights, it didn't get a Nielsen Media Research rating at all, meaning the audience was too small to measure.

It will be replaced next month by "The Big Idea," a talk show with advertising executive Donny Deutsch as host, which has run on CNBC occasionally as a special.

CNBC is happier with comic Dennis Miller, whose talk show is doing better in the ratings.

CNBC has been trying for the past two years to create a prime-time identity. Most of its business-oriented viewers flee when the workday's done.