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McCain, NBC Caught in ‘Cone of Silence’

The "cone of silence" story continued to dog Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) Monday.

The McCain campaign criticized NBC in a letter to the network after Andrea Mitchell on Meet the Press Sunday raised the criticisms of the camp of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) that McCain might have had an advantage in a "faith forum" over the weekend during which both candidates were asked the same questions, with Obama going first.

The story surfaced throughout the day on CNN.

NBC's response to the flap? "We welcome any opportunity to speak with officials from both campaigns, and many of us at NBC News are in contact with the McCain campaign literally on a daily basis," the network said in a statement. "With all due respect to the campaign leadership, they are viewing our coverage thru a political prism. We stand by our reporting, our journalism and our journalists."