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‘Man v. Food’ Shifts From Travel Channel to Cooking Channel

The new season of Man v. Food begins on Cooking Channel July 2. Host Casey Webb travels the country in search of delicious dishes and “epic eating challenges,” according to Cooking Channel.

His challenges this season include a 30-pound bagel sandwich and a plate of six ghost pepper tacos.

"The new season of Man v. Food has all the ingredients to whet, and wow, viewers' appetites," said Courtney White, president, Cooking Channel. "The over-the-top dishes match Casey Webb's high-energy and witty sense of humor bringing delicious fun to every episode."

Adam Richman hosted the original Man v. Food, which debuted on Travel Channel in 2008 and lasted for four seasons. Webb began hosting in 2017.

Travel Channel and Cooking Channel are part of Discovery, Inc.

The season sees Webb in Alaska, Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin and other states.

“Casey is a man with a love for food up against epic eats in the ultimate battle of Man v. Food,” said Cooking Channel.