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Magna Sees Stronger Ad Revenue

MagnaGlobal released a new advertising spending forecast June 16 that nearly doubles its expectation for growth in 2010.

The new report calls for a 4.2% increase in global ad spending, to $377 billion. MagnaGlobal's previous forecast called for a 2.4% increase. Spending was down 11.3% in 2009.

Traditional television accounts for about 40% of all global advertising, or about $151 billion, and is growing in all regions of the world. In 2010, Magna expects spending on TV to increase 6.9% globally.

In North America, spending on TV is projected to total $57.7 billion, up 9.4% from 2009, when it fell 10.1%. Of that total TV spending, $55.9 billion in the U.S.

Spending on all media in 2010 is expected to total $147.3 billlion, up 3.4%, with $138.9 billion of that coming in the U.S.