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Magna Sees Cable Growing 10.8% In 2011

Media agency Magna Global expects cable network ad revenues to rise 10.8% in 2011, making it one of the fast-growing segments of media.

Cable will outpace network broadcast TV, which will grow 2.4% according to Magna, which released its latest forecast Sunday..

"Increasingly, large advertisers with reach and frequency goals are turning to Network Cable as an alternative national mass medium to broadcast TV, attracted by lower rates and broader options. We see a similar trend in 2011, in which large, national advertisers continue to shift dollars to awareness-driven Mass Media including Network Cable," said Magna, which estimates that cable jumped 12.4% in 2010.

Overall, Magna expects advertising to grow 2.8% in 2011. Taking out the impact of political and Olympic advertising, Magna sees advertising rising 1.8%. In 2010, Advertising increased 3.2%, including strong 4.5% growth in the fourth quarter.

"We see continued weakness in several key economic indicators," Magna said. "As a result, we maintain that the momentum from the rebound will moderate in the second half of this year and have left our forecasts mostly unchanged."

National digital will be the strongest media segment up 18.7%,driven by display ads, online video and mobile. Growth in what Magna calls direct media -- Internet yellow pages, paid search, lead generation, directors and direct mail -- will reach 9.8%.