Machinima Rebrands With ‘Heroes Rise’ Tagline

YouTube network Machinima is getting a makeover, as the MCN will rebrand itself under a new “Heroes Rise” tagline.

The rebrand also featured a new logo and website. The new tagline is meant to highlight Machinima’s focus on gaming, fandom, action and science fiction.

“Machinima needed a brand identity that reflects our position as the most notorious purveyors and cultivators of fandom and gamer culture and is worthy of the passion and aspirations of our Millennial audience and creators,” said Machinima CEO Chad Gutstein, who joined the network earlier this year.  “We have spent the past seven months building out the team, tools, and programming capabilities, enabling us to truly super serve our talent network and bring forth the programming our audience craves.  We want the world to know that Machinima is where Heroes Rise.”

The MCN will implement a new leveling program, broken into three tiers: White for newcomers, which offers basic support; Red for those who have established a following; and Black for the largest content partners with the biggest following.

Machinima is also launching a state-of-the-art talent management talent system, dubbed ‘Console.’