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LoopMe Helps Advertisers Avoid ‘Hateful Content’

(Image credit: LoopMe)

LoopMe, which bills itself as an outcome-based video platform, said it is promising advertisers that use that platform that their messages won’t appear alongside hateful and inflammatory content.

The new brand safety controls are designed to provide a more granular approach than site lists or block lists.

“It was clear we had to take action here to do the right thing by our clients and for the industry,” said Jaimesh Patel, LoopMe sales director and part of an internal corporate responsibility task force.

"By providing a hate-free media environment for our clients to connect authentically with consumers – when we had the tech and ability to make a real impact for this cause – was a no-brainer.” Patel said.

LoopMe said it also works with the leading verification companies in the industry.

“At LoopMe, we value doing the right thing — and there’s no better way to live that value than to take action when we can to support the movement to stop hate for profit,” said Stephen Upstone, CEO and co-founder of LoopMe. “We’re putting the money where our mouth is and taking action to remove hateful content from our supply chain, helping our brand advertisers gain assurances for scalable audiences, driving outcomes for those audiences beyond media metrics alone, and within brand-safe environments.”