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Litton Interested In MyNetwork's Saturday Time Slots

One byproduct of MyNetworkTV's remaking of its distribution model is that the return of Saturday nights to the network's affiliates is opening up new syndicated time periods.

At least that is according to syndicator Litton Syndications, which is looking for all the openings it can find.

While saying its hour weekly entertainment show, The Brian McKnight Show, is a firm go for fall 2009, Litton added in making that announcement that the prospects for more weekend time periods could be opening up.

“We were already a firm go, but yesterday’s announcement that MyNetwork is returning Saturday night time periods to their affiliates has opened up whole new conversations for us,” said Litton EVP Tom Warner.

Warner says most of the McKnight time periods already cleared are for Saturday night, though “a few” markets are considering Friday. He would not say what percentage of the country has cleared the show.