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'Little People, Big World’ Back on TLC March 31

Little People, Big World returns to TLC March 31. The unscripted show is about the challenges of being little in the world today. The Roloff family operates a farm in Oregon.

TLC promises big stuff this season. “The new episodes usher in an abundance of change for all of the Roloffs; from a pregnancy to farm renovations to a new house and everything in between,” said the network.

It is season 14.

The new episodes see the family dynamic shifting following Matt and Amy’s divorce. After Matt partially buys out Amy’s stake in Roloff Farms, she decides that living 500 feet from her ex-husband does not suit her lifestyle. She looks for a new home, and a new life, and her boyfriend Chris has a certain milestone in mind for the couple. Zach and Tori, meanwhile, are getting the hang of being parents to son Jackson, and Tori is pregnant again.

On the other side of the farm, Matt and girlfriend Caryn are focused on keeping up with the farm.

Little People, Big World is produced for TLC by Discovery Studios Production in association with Gay Rosenthal Productions.