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LIN TV Develops Blackberry App For Mobile TV Service

LIN TV has developed a Blackberry smartphone application for its mobile TV service.

The service to Blackberries is launching on six stations Friday (Aug. 7)-WISH Indianapolis, WAVY Hampton Roads (Va.), KRQE Albuquerque, WANE Ft. Wayne (Ind.), WALA Mobile (Ala.) and KXAN Austin, with the other 27 stations to follow.

LIN has already announced a custom iPhone app for its mobile TV service.

LIN TV Senior VP of New Media Robb Richter said the company is looking to grow the brand and revenue as well, hoping to draw new local and national advertisers with the "any time, any platform" strategy.

LIN announced a 20% drop in second-quarter revenue Aug. 6, but a 52% increase in digital revenue. Executives said they were focused on new strategic initiatives, like mobile TV, to hone its multimedia strategy.

Some broadcasters showed off their mobile future at a demonstration for legislators and staffers on Capitol Hill last week, saying they could potentially grab millions more viewers.