Lifetime a Made Member of Blonde Charity Mafia

Lifetime Television will begin production on docu-series Blonde Charity Mafia.

The women’s-targeted cable network said work on the six-episode series will begin in September on location in Washington, D.C.

Lifetime added that Blonde Charity Mafia “follows a trio of gorgeous, 20-something alpha girls and their quest to make a mark on Washington, D.C., both socially and professionally -- no matter what obstacles they face.”

Patty Ivins Specht and Julie Pizzi (The Simple Life, MTV's Road Rules) serve as executive producers, and Jeff Kuntz is co-executive producer. Blonde Charity Mafia is produced by PB&J Television for Lifetime Television.

“This absorbing series will pull the curtain back on the fragility of friendship among the beautiful, wealthy and powerful,” Lifetime senior vice president of reality programming Jessica Samet said in a statement.