Kyle Chandler: Friday Night Lights Will Return for Season Three

Kyle Chandler, star of NBC’s Friday Night Lights, confirmed that the perennially on-the-bubble drama will return for a third season.

In an interview taped Wednesday with

B&C contributor David Bianculli

for National Public Radio’s Fresh Air, Chandler said a deal was struck that will spread costs and allow the series to continue.

According to a post on Bianculli’s blog, TV Worth Watching, Chandler, who plays high-school football coach Eric Taylor, said all that was left to sew up the deal was to “dot the i’s and cross the t’s.” He added that he was scheduled to report for shooting in Austin, Texas, where the show is set, in June.

Although reports of the series’ return have circulated for several weeks, with speculation of a deal involving satellite TV operator DirecTV, NBC has not commented on the show’s fate.