‘Kocktails’ Served at TCA Tour

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One of the buzziest new ventures for B&C/ Multichannel News Producer of the Year Craig Piligian is Kocktails with Khloé. The talk show, to be shot live-to-tape, began airing on FYI Jan. 20 and stands apart from the wildly successful Kardashians franchise on E! (of which Khloé Kardashian remains an important part). In a session early in this month’s TCA winter press tour, Piligian and Karsashian described the show’s DNA in detail. A brief excerpt follows.

Question from Audience: How is [Kocktails With Khloé] going to be different as far as the conversations? If family and friends are coming on this show, as opposed to Keeping Up With, how different are those conversations going to be?

Khloé Kardashian: I definitely think they’re different because the Keeping Up show is really—it’s just about me and my family. And this is going to be interactive with so many different types of people from all different, like, walks of life. I want to keep it very versatile. And I like to say it’s like a little dinner party with about three or four different people. But still I want the conversations to be really raw and gritty and just—

Craig Piligian: Honest.

KK: Yeah, honest and natural. So it’s still going to be proper naughty and risqué, but that’s why we’re doing it for late night, because that’s more me. I like it to be vulnerable, and what I talk about at home. Obviously, there’s going to be a little bit of a difference, but I still want it to be as authentic as we can.

CP: There will be very little editing in the show, because we’re cutting it live to tape. So it’s going to be very real at that point, and the audience will get to see a different side of Khloé and some of the people she hangs out with in the environment that makes her most comfortable, her home.