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Kids’ WB! Unveils Schedule

The WB lives on—at least when it comes to kids.

The CW will retain the well-known brand name of the Kids’ WB!, which still applies to the producer of the five-hour Saturday morning block for children 6-11, Warner Bros. Animation.

The 2006-07 children’s programming slate, debuting Sept.23, will feature four new and four returning programs. It includes reintroducing a new generation to iconic characters such as DC Comics Superman, and other favorites like Shaggy and Scooby Doo, and Tom and Jerry under the Legion of Super Heroes banner.

It will also venture into new territory with Monster Allergy, based on the best-selling comic book series of the same name and produced for TV by Rainbow S.p.A.

The schedule:

7-8 a.m.Krypto the Superdog

8 a.m.Monster Allergy

8:30 a.m.Tom and Jerry Tales”

9 a.m.Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get a Clue

9:30 a.m.Johnny Test

10 a.m. Legion of Super Heroes

10:30 a.m.The Batman”

11 a.m. Xiaolin Showdown

11:30 a.m.Loonatics Unleashed