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Kantar Expands Into Cross-Media Intelligence

Kantar Media said it expanded its intelligence services to include more data on cross-platform ad spending.

Kantar says there’s a growing need for ad buyers and sellers to analyze cross-channel spending on a more holistic basis. The expanded data will be available to agencies, marketers and media sellers starting in the U.S.

“It is clear that advertising dollars are not only shifting to a variety of digital platforms, but that competitive ad intelligence now needs to be approached in a very holistic manner,” said Andy Brown, chairman and CEO, Kantar Media. “These enhanced capabilities signal that the industry can no longer look at ad activity in a specific channel as a silo, or even digital ad activity as a silo. It has to be analyzed in a cross-platform integrated manner, and now media buyers and sellers have the tools to do so.”

Kantar says its new capabilities include

  • Mobile web and app: Coverage of thousands of sites and apps, across both iOS and Android tablets and phones
  • Online video including cross media video: Coverage of pre-, post- and mid-roll online video ads across thousands of sites, along with metrics regarding creative re-purposed between TV and online/streaming video
  • Programmatic advertising: Capture of programmatic ad activity as well as mediator and deployment chain analysis, covering millions of publisher pages
  • Social owned media:  Monitoring of more than 20,000 brands on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, with metrics including likes, tweets, posts, views and engagement scores; impressions and identification of promoted posts for Facebook
  • Paid search: Monitoring of the top 250 keywords used by the top 20,000 search advertisers, including support for Google and Bing search ads and product listing ads as well as mobile search data 
  • Display advertising: Coverage of static, dynamic/rich media and HTML5 ads across thousands of sites, with historical impression and spend data available for over a decade
  • Digital promotions: Tracking of digital coupons and apps, capturing thousands of unique new offers every week
  • Geo-targeted and local ads: Broad coverage of local and targeted advertising, including monitoring of thousands of local web properties and capture of geo-targeted ads in scores of locations across the U.S.

“We are entering into a post-silo media channel era, where analysis for media buyer and seller alike needs to be not on what occurred within TV, or print or mobile, but what occurred synergistically in an integrated manner across all channels,” said Jane Clarke, managing director and CEO of the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement. “The need is for data and analysis cross-platform and the announcement by Kantar Media to provide this is validation of the direction that competitive ad intelligence needs to take.”