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Judge Ross' Sold in 75% of the Country

Byron Allen's Entertainment Studios has cleared its new court show, America's Court with Judge Ross, in 75% of the country for next fall.

Groups signing on including Weigel, Scripps, Media General, Acme, Cox,Raycom, Barrington, Ellis, Journal, Belo, Bonton, LIN, New Age and Sinclair.Besides airing in broadcast syndication, America's Court also will air onone of Entertainment Studios six high-definition cable networks that werelaunched on Verizon's FiOS broadband systems last September.

Entertainment Studios will produce and deliver a minimum of 26 weeks oforiginal episodes of America's Court in high definition as well as 26 weeks of repeats. The show is sold in one-hour blocks of two half-hour episodes.  Judge Kevin A. Ross, 46, has been a judge, prosecutor and media personalityin Southern California.