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Judge Restores Univision Programming to Charter

A New York State judge granted Charter Communications a temporary restraining order that restores Univision’s programming to Charter cable subscribers. Univision pulled its programming when its contract with Charter expired on Jan. 31, leaving 2.5 million Hispanic viewers blacked out.

In a statement, Univision said that “a judge who was temporarily assigned to our case today said that she planned to issue an order that Univision's networks and stations had to be restored on Charter Spectrum for 7 days.  This order only lasts until February 9, when the judge permanently assigned to the litigation is back in court.  For the 7 day period that it is receiving Univision’s services, Charter Spectrum will be required to post a bond covering the actual market value of Univision’s programming, rather than the inadequate rates that Charter Spectrum has been paying.”

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Univision said it “remains ready and willing to meet at any time with Charter Spectrum to engage in comprehensive, good-faith negotiations for the long term carriage of our stations and networks. To date, Charter Spectrum has steadfastly refused to engage in such negotiations.”