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Judge Finds Redstone’s Testimony Persuasive

The judge overseeing media mogul Sumner Redstone’s competency case said Friday he found the 92-year-old’s videotaped testimony “strong evidence” that he still knows what he’s doing, according to press reports.

The judge told lawyear he would consider a request to dismiss the suit.

If Redstone is ruled competent to make healthcare and financial decisions, decisions about the future of the companies he controls—Viacom and CBS—might also be put off for a while.

The suit was brought by Redstone’s former live-in companion Manuela Herzer. Last year, she was replaced as his health care agent, removed from his will and kicked out of his house.

Her bid to regain future control of Redstone’s health care is being opposed by Redstone’s daughter Shari Redstone and Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman, who might battle one another for control of the media empire.

According to Reuters, Redstone needed to be asked some questions more than once and needed an interpreter. But he said “I kicked her out” and “I wanted Manuela out of my life. Yeah.”

“He has told me now, best he can, what he wants," said Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David Cowan. "That's strong evidence."

There is no jury in the case, so the judge will decide.

"Your burden now is a hard one," Cowan said to Herzer's attorneys, according to Reuters.