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Joy Behar, Martha Stewart Among Those Ready For PBS’ ‘Life’

Baby boomer TV personalities Joy Behar and Martha Stewart are among a range of celebrities offering their wit and wisdom about life after 50 as PBS kicks of the second season of Life (Part 2) Sept. 13.  

The show celebrates and explores the baby boomer generation and its unique approach to aging. Life (Part 2) offers wit, wisdom and lively conversation from writers, performers, thinkers and everyday people. The boomers will discuss various social, physical and financial obstacles that come with growing older as well as their desire for a fulfilling second act of life.  

The series is hosted by former New York Times columnist Robert Lipsyte and, in addition to Behar and Stewart, features Phil Donahue, Gail Sheehy, Billy Jean King, Governor Mike Huckabee and many others.    

“With the economy’s downturn, baby boomers have been particularly affected,” said executive producer Naomi S. Boak.  “This show is designed to inspire boomers’ own self exploration of how they can make a fresh start at any age.”

Along with Boak, Rob Fried serves as executive producer.  Life (Part 2) is produced by Twin Cities Public Television.