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Jivox, Tremor Video Join to Personalize CTV Ads

Jivox has launched a personalized dynamic creative optimization product for the connected TV market and it is working with Tremor Media to leverage data and first-party audience insights to deliver relevant messaging and a one-to-one customer ad experience.

The Jivox system allows brands to optimize messages and creative according to demographics, interests, location, time season, holiday, weather and language quickly, eliminating days or weeks from the production process. That increases the effectiveness of TV campaigns, the company said.

“Connected TV is one of the fastest-growing areas of digital media consumption. Now, TV audiences are addressable, which presents brands with tremendous opportunity to personalize their advertising to individual households and viewers,” said Diaz Nesamoney, CEO and founder, Jivox. “We are delighted to bring this new capability and insights to our customers, allowing them to extend omni-channel campaigns to an increasingly vital medium and empower them to communicate with new audiences with unprecedented personalization.”

The Jivox system creates high-resolution real-time video for CTV, and uses a single tag that works across all publishers for different ad sizes, bit rates and creative capabilities.

“Dynamically updating the creative based on robust audience data allows us to turn one broadly-branded asset into thousands of engaging ads that speak more directly to consumers,” said Les Seifer, VP, head of creative at Tremor Video. “There are golden opportunities to not just reach consumers on every device, but to tell them relevant stories once you have their attention.”