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Irving Returns to Internet Innovation Alliance

Larry Irving, former founding co-chairman of the Internet Innovation Alliance, is returning to the group he helped start a decade ago.

Irving left in 2009 to become VP of global government affairs for Hewlett Packard and has been a strategic consultant on international telecom and information tech since 2011.

He is well versed in the subject, having formerly headed the National Telecommunications & Information Administration during the Clinton Administration.

Irving joins founding co-chair Bruce Mehlman, co-chair Jamal Simmons and honorary chairman Rick Boucher, former chairman of the House Communications Subcommittee.

“We indeed are amidst the ‘fourth network revolution’," said Mehlman, "and IIA is excited to take advantage of Larry’s seasoned insight to help make the IP Transition yet another win for Americans in education, healthcare, business and rural development. High-speed broadband is essential for powering economic growth, maximizing investment and promoting America’s global competiveness.

New FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has made affecting that "fourth network revolution" his centerpiece policy goal. He has scheduled an item for next week's public meeting launching a framework for the transition to IP (Internet protocol) delivery of communications.