INTX 2016: What’s Next for TV?

The organizers of next week’s INTX show in Boston will shine the spotlight on three trends in Internet and TV via three separate but integrated showcases:

-Disrupted Reality: Giving the nod to the emerging virtual reality market, this area will feature a wide variety of demos that will offer opportunities for showgoers to strap on a headset and enter an immersive 360-degree world of video. Startup VRTIFY announced this week that it will demo its music-focused VR platform, which is currently in a private beta trial.

-It’s All TV: Playing on cable’s theme that the future of TV is about apps, this showcase will demo a wide range of multiscreen offerings.

-Watch TV Now Gallery: The section will feature instant access to top-tier shows, movies, events and news on nearly 100 TV Everywhere apps, displayed on Samsung’s Galaxy View tablets.

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