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Inspiration Networks Signs Ratings Agreement

Inspiration Networks has signed an agreement with The Nielsen Company
to receive ratings for INSP-The Inspiration Network, according to a
Monday announcement from Chief Strategy Officer Billy Airy.

"This new agreement with Nielsen is a central part of the rebranding
of INSP," Airy said. "For the past two years, we have conducted
extensive research into market conditions and trends. We believe that we
have identified a gap in the market: the millions of Baby Boomers who
have a strong desire for entertaining and inspiring television that
reinforces their values; values that they want to pass on to their
children. We are re-shaping INSP to target this audience."

The announcement follows recent news of INSP's rebranding and
relaunch, set to take place Oct. 18 under the theme "It's a New Day!"
The new INSP will target socially-conservative Baby Boomers with
values-based entertainment programming in addition to its traditional
religious programming.

"'It's a New Day!' will be tightly focused on reaching America's 78
million Baby Boomers, and especially the cross-section of this group who
are ‘socially conservative,'"Airy said . "According to a February 2010
Pew Research report, 43% of Baby Boomers self-identify as
socially-conservative.  This means that there are over 35 million
Americans in this underserved category. These are people who embrace
traditional family values and moral beliefs, but also want to watch
television programs that hearken back to the simplicity of yesterday and
reflect hope for the future in an entertaining way."