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Initiative Seeks Standard For Advertising Metadata

Ad-ID, Advertising Research Foundation, Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement and Kantar have formed an initiative to standardize advertising metadata.

The Ad Metadata Standardization Initiative was unveiled at CIMM’s 9th Annual Cross-Platform Video Measurement and Data Summit Thursday.

The need for standards arises as advertising campaigns run on an increasing number of different media platforms, each employing their own technology.

“The growing number of ad tech players – each with its own naming conventions – has made the interpretation of data files very messy indeed,” said Jane Clarke, CEO and managing director at CIMM.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to see metadata ingested for a campaign and immediately know what it means and where it came from? The benefits of standards for accurate tracking and measurement of ads could range from cost savings throughout the cross-media measurement ecosystems to improved workflows. This initiative is a positive step forward to resolve a pain-point that has stymied marketers’ desires to accurately measure their efforts across platforms,” Clarke said.

The standards would apply as campaigns move through ad exchanges, servers, DMPs, DSPs and agencies.

“Having the ability to accurately identify advertisements across platforms is imperative for the industry to have complete, cross-platform measurement. I look forward to this much needed collaboration,” said Harold Geller, executive director at Ad-ID