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Industry Insider: What a Pro Looks for at the Upfronts

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Broadcast Makes Its Case
Your Upfront FAQ

How does the schedule compare to the network’s development plans?

“If you were able to see the network development meetings, see if they deliver on what they were trying to accomplish. If they said they were looking for less procedurals and more comedy in development, did that translate to what they’re putting on the air? That’s usually a really good indicator of how good their development was.”

Will the networks talk about tablets and other digital devices?

“Will we see a whole bunch of discussion about tablets and different apps? Take a look at how the networks discuss their audience and how that consumer is changing with time. The consumer is moving from the television device to other devices. Do they acknowledge that, or are they going to pretend it’s not happening?”

Do the new shows strengthen the network’s schedule?

“In some cases the bar is not too high, so you are hoping that they get off to a decent start in terms of improving their lineup, because we want all of them to improve. So can NBC get the anchor show or two they need to start rebuilding their lineup? What’s CBS going to do in terms of some of their shows getting a little bit older? Is ABC going to continue down this female path, and are they going to be able to add to their comedy lineup? Is Fox going to be able to get comedy outside animation?”