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Iger’s Compensation Jumped 80% to $65M

Bob Iger, the CEO of The Walt Disney Co., received total compensation of $65.6 million in 2018, up 80% from the previous year.

Iger received a salary of $2.9 million and stock awards of $35.4 million.

He signed a new employment agreement in December 2017 that gives him additional stock conditioned on the completion of the acquisition of 21st Century Fox. When that deal is done, Iger will get $149.6 million in stock for 2018, $12.4 million in 2019 and $12.7 million in 2020.

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Kevin Mayer, who last year was named the head of Disney’s new Direct-to-Consumer and International unit, received $11.6 million in total compensation, up from $8.4 million in 2017 when he was Disney’s executive VP and chief strategy officer.